The Wellness Pillow Sleep Therapy is the Nec Plus Ultra in terms of travel pillows! It combines soft and antiperspirant Tencel® fabric, ergo-smart shape for ultimate comfort and shiatsu point for complete relaxation.

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This travel pillow is inspired from massage rituals in Be Relax spas. It stimulates Feng Fu shiatsu point to calm anxiety and prevent insomnia. A pressure point to promote communication between the head and body. It helps to relieve headaches, ease stiff neck and dizziness and encourage deep sleep.


Upgraded Ergo-Smart© Shape is especially designed to wear with headset during your flight.
Its unique flat-back shape eases off the pressure of your neck. Extra height on both sides provides reinforced neck support.
The Foam Is Composed of 2 Densities: A softer density on the inner side and a firmer density on the outside. It provides a soft touch on the face with a stable support at the base.


TENCEL®Pillow Inside Cover (neck side) is made from a fabric extracted from the wood. The fiber offers optimum moisture transportation which prevent bacteria growth. TENCEL® fiber is particularly silky and gentle to the skin


It comes with its own compact travel pouch that allows you to reduce the pillow size in half


It comes with a reusable Heat Patch to place on your neck for ultimate relaxation. To reuse heat patch, place it in boiling water for 5 mins or until such time as the gel returns to its clear liquid state. Remove from water and let it cool down completely.