The Percussion Therapy Cordless Massager is the favorite of pro athletes and fitness trainers. A must have to prepare your muscles before working out and recover after your effort.

Small and powerful, it provides a deep percussion massage for ultimate relaxation.

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A deep & strong percussion massage

• Alleviates muscle pain in depth & unwinds muscle tension
after working out
• Enhances muscle performance
• Increases blood circulation
• Regular use improves sleep quality & reduces anxiety

Anywhere & Anytime

• Portable design: travel friendly
• Light weight (450gr/1 pound)
• Easy to use
• Travel pouch included

Tailor your massage to fit specific needs!

4 interchangeable heads:

  • U-Head: For lumbar vertebrae and
    large muscle groups
  • Round-Head: For large muscle groups
  • Bullet-Head: For deep muscle groups
  • Mushroom-Head: For sensitive parts of muscle

3 Levels adjustable speed

  • 2000 RPM*
  • 2600 RPM*
  • 3200 RPM*

RPM*: is the number of turns in one minute. It is a unit of rotational speed or the frequency of rotation around a fixed axis.




Recharge Time

4-12 hours [depends on specifications of the charging port]

Product Weight

450g/ 1 pound