“My Memory Foam Wellness Pillow” is  the ultimate wellness travel pillow.
Fine-tuned by our designers for 2 years, this cushion has been developed for seasoned travelers like you. Find the chic style, perfect comfort and ultimate wellness experience in 1 pillow.


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100% designed in France

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Your dream in a pillow…

Patented 360° ERGO-SMART© FLATBACK Shape:

Relieve the pressure on the back of neck, reinforce the support on both sides of your neck. 3 front  buttons allow you to adjust your pillow to fit perfectly to your neck contour.

3 seconds is all you need…

Pressure sensitive memory foam rebounds in 3 seconds. It gives the exact level of comfort you deserve. Our countless happy guinea pigs can testify!

Enjoy heat therapy on board!

The signature heat patch activates on the shiatsu point on the back of your neck. Unwind your neck tensions at any time.

Your Comfort Matters. Custom-Tailor your comfort

A Neck pillow is like a mattress, we want to give you choices to pick the foam density that best suits your needs.

Because size matters…

Comes with its own compact travel pouch that allows you to reduce the pillow size in half.

Our heat patches are reusables

How to activate heat patch: Click the metal disc inside. The liqui will begin to turn solid while heating up instantly.Insert the patch in the pillow pocket.
To reuse heat patch: Place it in boiling water for 5 mins or until such time as the gel returns to its clear liquid state. Remove from water and let it cool down completely.



Product size11 x 4 x 11 inch
Weight 1,01 lbs