My 2 in 1 Sleep Mask is the effortless sleep mask.
Just try on this zero pressure ergonomic sleep mask to experience the improvment of your sleep quality.


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100% designed in France

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ZERO eye pressure guaranteed

Pressure on eyelids is the major cause of insomnia. Thanks to the unique dug shape, My 2-in-1 Sleep Mask frees completely your eye movements while sleeping. Enjoy a deep and sound sleep with ZERO pressure.

100% Pitch Black. Upgraded softness.

Curvy curtain design blocks completely light to provide you 100% darkness shades. Super soft foam inside delivers extra support against any hard surfaces on board.

Adjustable comfort

Elasticized Velcro strap fits to your head contour and provides you a snug & perfect fit.

Memory foam ear plugs

Including a pair of memory foam ear plugs to block noise and helps you find a better sleep.

Compact travel pouch included.

All of our travel products come with its own compact travel pouch to help you better organize your travel luggage.



Product size3.5 x 0.8 x 16 inch
Weight 1.01 lbs