How can we help you?

We want to provide the best experience to our customers. Should you have any questions about how to order, book on this website, payment options, delivery or tracking of your order… please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Our spas :

  • What are the opening hours? What are your hours of operation?

To know our schedules, go to “Find us”, choose your airport and you will find the hours of operation for each of our spa/locations.

  • Where can I find a list of your prices?

The price menu can be downloaded on the pages of our spas. To do so, go to “Find us”, choose your airport, then your spa. The link to download the brochure is located on the top right of the services list.
Please note: We try to keep our online price-lists up to date, however prices are subject to change without prior notice. To get the most up to date list, you may rely on the physical brochures offered in each spa.

Reservation :

  • How can I make a reservation?

You can book a service by simply filling out the online form on our website, or by calling the Spa of your choice directly. All our spa’s telephone numbers can be found on each Spa’s page.

  • How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel by sending us an email or by phone.

  • Is my reservation maintained if I’m late?

Over 5min late, the establishment reserves the right to cancel and to take the next customer.

  • Is it possible to go to the spa without reservation?

Yes it is possible to go to the spa without reservation. However it is recommended to book in order to avoid waiting time and to ensure the total duration of the service before boarding.


  • Where to buy Be Relax products?

We exclusively sell our Wellness Travel Collection, Easy Massage Collection and In Touch Collection products in Be Relax spas. Some products are also available on Amazon. You can check availability on our Product page.

  • Are Be Relax products guaranteed?

Only electronic products of the Easy Massage Collection are warranted for two years upon presentation of the receipt and if product has not suffered any damage whether it be accidental (fall) or intentional (rough use).

  • The product doesn’t please me, how do I exchanged it?

We do not exchange products or refund. For question regarding products, please fill out our form “Contact us”.

BR Club :

  • I have accumulated enough points, how do I get my gift?

The collection of gifts is done exclusively and only in the points of sale and you need to prove the ownership of the account. The offers are subject to the availability of gifts.

  • Can I unsubscribe from the BR Club ?

We invite you to read the General Terms of Use to see how to unsubscribe.

Massage :

  • What massages can be obtained at Be Relax ?

We have categories of massage on chair and on table that are performed by qualified therapists who have received training at the Be Relax School in mutual respect of the client and the professional. In the event of any oral or physical requests out of context of a massage, the employee can stop the massage.

  • Do we have to undress completely during the massage?

For all our massages on chairs, the client remains fully dressed. For our table massages in the cabin, the customer can be in underwear but we will never ask you to undress completely.

  • May we shower after the Steam and/or table massage ?

We do not offer shower after the massage. However we have a shower option in the Washington Dulles Concourse A, Dubai Terminal 1 Concourse D and Singapore Terminal 3.

  • Why do we not perform massage on pregnant women?

Our massage protocols are non-therapeutic and have not been developed to suit pregnant women, due to the protocols itself and to the massage products that we use (contain essential oils).


  • Can I receive a refund ?

We strive to provide you with the best quality of service possible, therefore we do not anticipate refunds.

  • How can I talk to the general manager?

For all inquiries concerning an after sale service, please fill our form on “Contact us”.