The first immersive Virtual Reality Foot Massage!

Be Relax Dubai Virtual Reality + Foot Massage

Be Relax embraces new technologies with the Virtual Reality (VR) to improve passenger's wellness experience. Since June 2017, all passengers at Dubai International Airport can now enjoy cutting edge VR technology with an incredibly relaxing massage at Be Relax! Be Relax customers just have to put the gear on and be fully immersed in a new world. They can observe dolphins swimming, admire elephants walking, and discover 360° view of new horizons in a hot air balloon; all while having a...

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Innovative services for an extraordinary experience before the flight

Juice bar Be Relax innovative services / Bar à jus Be Relax services innovants

A Be Relax customer is a happy passenger, we are concerned about the well-being and satisfaction of our customers; our relaxation and beauty services have been customized to fully satisfy all passengers whatever time they have available. And because we continually want to innovate and go further in the wellness experience, we endeavor to make the journey more enjoyable for all passengers by providing them with innovative and unexpected services in the transit location, such as hair styling...

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