About us

Our story

Frederic Briest had to endure a very long journey by plane through South America, having layovers in the most remote cities. He then realized that as easy as it was for a traveller to buy cigarettes and alcohol, finding a place to relax and to unwind in an airport was virtually impossible. Be relax was born from the following simple idea : to make your journey more pleasant by creating a place where you can relax and pamper yourself before taking off.


Be Relax’s Birth


Be Relax Express concept


Creation of the first Be Relax Spa Concept at CDG Airport in Paris


Be Relax internationalization and first opening in Europe at FRA Airport in Frankfurt


First spa in the U.S at BWI Airport in Baltimore


First spa in the Middle East at DXB Airport in Dubai


Be Relax 10th years anniversary with a new architectural concept and concept store development


New openings in the U.S, in Asia (at Singapore SIN) and in the Middle East with the 300 sq.m largest airport spa in the world!


Continuing on our expansion and adding new service as virtual reality in Dubai DBX airport and Toronto YYZ airport while having a massage


New opening in MCT Muscat airport and a new service: showers in our spa in Dubai DBX airport, Concourse A, Terminal 3  


Be Relax changes its logo, concept store and service signature to offer every passengers a relaxing and pampering experience worldwide. The first spa with the new concept opens in Dallas DXB airport.


Be Relax operates more than 40 spas all around the world. It continues to innovate with new services such as Infra therapy.

The concept : The wellness travel expert
Be Relax offers well-being and beauty services to airport passengers worldwide. Located at the heart of airports, requiring no appointments, Be relax airport spas are now a must try for any passenger looking for an oasis of wellness before take-off.

Wellness at the airport: Our Spas

Treat yourself with a moment of relaxation at one of our 40 spas in the world's largest airports. Enjoy our professional massages and beauty services before your flight!
In-flight Wellness : Massage and Travel Accessories
Pamper yourself on the go with our massage and travel products that have been perfectly designed to meet passengers needs!
Our Values
Passion for service
We want our customers to relax and smile.
Passion to win
We want to grow and to be number one. Innovation, creation and development are key! We wish to continuously improve ourselves at every opportunity and always turn towards the action.
We prefer pragmatism over theory and simplicity over formality.
We are open to the world and curious. We encourage diversity and embrace differences.
We respect our colleagues and our clients. We trust the abilities and intentions of each and everyone. We believe that people work better in an environment of trust. We work in a transparent environment.