About us

Our HR policy
Working with us means joining an exciting, dynamic and international company. Centered on strong core values and a common passion for service, we want to build a skilled team to meet the challenges of growth.
Developing talent

At Be Relax, we are confident that the talent and potential of each person takes precedence over age, background or degree.

That is why we attach great importance to talent development. We have therefore set up a support and training course for new hires in operational functions so that everyone can progress and master our treatment protocols and our commercial techniques as well as possible.

Once our talents have proved themselves, by revealing their qualities and their commitment to Be Relax, we do not hesitate to foster their development.

In fact, the vast majority of our local managers began by providing relaxation treatments!

Internal mobility

The organisation, diversity of activities and international presence of the Group offer diversified career opportunities. Every year, many employees benefit from our internal promotion policy, whether functional or geographical. We thus place our trust in the individual and his potential and believe in his abilities to succeed.

Developing adaptive capacities, revitalising teams, disseminating best practices, optimising the conduct of change, detecting potential and managing careers… internal mobility is a major challenge for Be Relax.

Students and young graduates

The recruitment of new talent is a priority to accompany the growth of Be Relax. Every year we add students and young graduates to our teams and offer them diversified and empowering mandates.

We therefore offer numerous opportunities, both at the airport and in the day-to-day management of our points of sale, and at Headquarters by joining a support department (Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, etc.).

Our students, whether on internship or in apprenticeship, are supported throughout their journey by an appointed tutor, who teaches them and helps them to evolve.

In the same way, we welcome many young graduates by offering them missions both varied as well as exciting and fantastic prospects for international work.