About us

Our HR policy
Working with us means joining an exciting, dynamic and international company. Centered on strong core values and a common passion for service, we want to build a skilled team to meet the challenges of growth.
Developing talent

At Be Relax, we are confident that the talent and potential of each person takes precedence over age, background or degree.

That is why we attach great importance to talent development. We have therefore set up a support and training course for new hires in operational functions so that everyone can progress and master our treatment protocols and our commercial techniques as well as possible.

Once our talents have proved themselves, by revealing their qualities and their commitment to Be Relax, we do not hesitate to foster their development.

In fact, the vast majority of our local managers began by providing relaxation treatments!

Internal mobility

The organisation, diversity of activities and international presence of the Group offer diversified career opportunities. Every year, many employees benefit from our internal promotion policy, whether functional or geographical. We thus place our trust in the individual and his potential and believe in his abilities to succeed.

Developing adaptive capacities, revitalising teams, disseminating best practices, optimising the conduct of change, detecting potential and managing careers… internal mobility is a major challenge for Be Relax.

Students and young graduates

The recruitment of new talent is a priority to accompany the growth of Be Relax. Every year we add students and young graduates to our teams and offer them diversified and empowering mandates.

We therefore offer numerous opportunities, both at the airport and in the day-to-day management of our points of sale, and at Headquarters by joining a support department (Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, etc.).

Our students, whether on internship or in apprenticeship, are supported throughout their journey by an appointed tutor, who teaches them and helps them to evolve.

In the same way, we welcome many young graduates by offering them missions both varied as well as exciting and fantastic prospects for international work.

Go meet our teams in the field and discover our jobs in the airport !
1. Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist - Based in Los Angeles
At Be Relax since 2015.
What does your everyday job involve?
My everyday job, first and foremost, is to take care of every client to the best of my ability. I do this by giving the ultimate Be Relax experience as much as possible. Starting from greeting the passenger, to giving them the ultimate service and sending them home with great products to further enhance the service they have just been given, all the way to thanking them for coming and wishing them a relaxing flight. My second priority is to be a great asset and team member for all my prolific co-workers and management team. By doing all that I aim to create an awesome atmosphere and great place to work every day.
What do you like the most about your job and about Be Relax?
The best part of my job at Be Relax is that I get to meet and help people from all over the world. As a massage therapist I am able to help people on many different levels mentally, physically and emotionally. No matter what they may be going through in life they allow me to make their day a little less painful, a little less emotional and a little less stressful. The fact that they are so appreciative of what I’ve done for them is the greatest feeling that not even money can buy.
What advice would you give to people willing to join Be Relax?
I would let them know that as a person who has 23 years of experience being a massage therapist this has been the BEST job that I have ever had. Be Relax has created a second home for their employee’s. Rather than making it feel like we work for a corporation Be Relax has a way of making it more of a family atmosphere. We all love what we do and we have fun doing it. From the owners, to the executives, to the managers, to the therapists. Everyone cares about the company and its employees which, in my opinion, is what makes Be Relax the greatest place to work.
2. Multi-license: Massage Therapist and Esthetician
Lakeisha WATSON
Multi-license: Massage Therapist and Esthetician - Based in Boston
At Be Relax since 2016.
What does your everyday job involve?
My job involves helping, healing and supporting clients’ needs especially for those stressed individuals we see flying out. Traveling can bring on stress and negative effects on the body, mind and soul making it difficult for clients to address. By providing massage and esthetic services, I am creating a peaceful moment of relaxation and rejuvenation for them. To me, that is the ultimate gift! I also love selling our products to those customers who need that extra help and comfort for their flights.
What do you like the most about your job and about Be Relax?
The professionalism is above and beyond! My colleagues care SO MUCH about their jobs, not to mention, the passion behind each service they perform. You can’t help but feel the energy the minute you walk in to Be Relax. Be Relax supports their employees, always making sure you have all the tools necessary to do your best to succeed.
What advice would you give to people willing to join Be Relax?
I would tell them to continue learning and always strive for a personal best. If you like meeting new and interesting people every day, you’ll love the airport environment. Be ready to join a team of amazing and talented staff!
3. Training Executive – Europe, Middle East & Asia
Training Executive – Europe, Middle East & Asia - Based in Dubai
At Be Relax since 2014.
What is your career path at Be Relax?
I started as a Massage Therapist in February 2014, few months after the opening of the first store in Dubai in 2013.Then I was promoted as a supervisor and then as a store manager. Like Be Relax had been growing tremendously on those times and expanding their operations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, I got a promotion again, as Be Relax Training Executive for Europe, Middle East and Asia. With Be Relax as the company grows we evolve quickly and get greater opportunities.
What does your everyday job involve?
Aside from planning my next trip from one Be Relax location to different locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, my job is mainly to train new staff to adapt company protocols and policies it also includes mentoring and coaching staff to get their full potential as a Be Relax professional.
What did you gain from Be Relax?
Since I joined Be Relax after my long 7 years of life at sea as a massage therapist on board luxury cruise ships I thought to myself that I would remain as a massage therapist for the rest of my career. The trainings that I got from the Management Team did help me a lot to become of what I am today. The story of the founders Nicolas and Frederic Briest and the values of Be Relax have taught me valuable lessons that inspired me to be passionate about my profession and also on my personal life. I learned that being successful is not doing it alone but by working as a team.
4. Branch Manager
Branch Manager - Based in Frankfurt
At Be Relax since 2009.
What is your career path at Be Relax?
Everything started when I just came back from 4 years abroad and had no intention at all to remain in Italy longer than a couple of month. Luckily the day I was told to come for an interview for the position as Assistant Branch Manager I had to fly for leisure and all of a sudden I had this feeling like when things are meant to be!
It was April 2009 and so started my journey with Be Relax! During the last 8 years I had the chance to grow within the Company and had the pleasure to contribute to the success of several Branches, becoming Branch Manager for Rome, Milan, and today in Frankfurt.
What does your everyday job involve?
As Branch Manager we are the interface between HQ and points of sales: my job consist mainly in HR administration, including recruiting and coaching sales teams, implementation of marketing actions and special offers and also in establishing long-lasting relationships with airport´s management.
What did you gain from Be Relax?
Be Relax gave me the opportunity to join a family whose values of trust and open-mindedness are truly observable from the top management to the field. Empowerment, support, freedom of learning from unconventional means including own mistakes are what most forged my personality and my management style and I´ll be forever grateful for that!
What advice would you give to people willing to join Be Relax?
Proactivity above all, then a strong sense of dedication and hands-on mentality!