Freshen up before your flight and enjoy an ultimate wellness moment in our modern shower facility!

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Be Feet

Be Relax Be Feet Massage

Long-haul flights may get notoriously uncomfortable and even an hour or two in the air can lead to swelling in your legs. Opt for an energizing, oil-based foot massage up to the knees based on the principles of foot reflexology. Foot reflexology consists of a gentle foot massage performed by pressing the fingers on reflex zones in the arch of the foot. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body and or organs. Considered as a form of alternative medicine, foot reflexology can reduce...

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Steam Room

Be Relax Airport Hammam Steam Room SPA, hammam en aéroport

Enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and re-energize yourself in one of our hammams in airport. Freshen up before or after a long flight.

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Head Up

Be Relax Head Up Massage face visage head tête neck cou back dos

This head massage is ideal for relieving stress and tension. It is also accompanied by a stimulating back massage based on acupressure techniques for ultimate relaxation. By pressing acupressure points, it can help relieve tension headaches, improve blood circulation and oxygenation of the body. In addition, you can relieve stiffness in the neck and also chronic fatigue. This massage is ideal for stress reduction and relieving chronic headaches. *Our techniques are based on relaxation...

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Be Back

Our automated massage chairs offer a complete massage of the body and yield surprising results thanks to their systems of massaging and vibrating rollers which make it possible to relieve the tensions accumulated during the day and provide a feeling of immediate and deep well-being. The vibrating system makes the whole of your body vibrate. Constant vibrations deliver a light massage that relaxes the body, restoring vitality and muscle tone. By making circular movements, the mechanical...

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Be Up

Be Relax Be Up Massage back dos neck cou épaules shoulders arms bras mains hands

Do you want to reduce any muscle tension before you board your flight? The Be Up is a deep-tissue massage based on acupressure techniques that stimulate tense spots which leaves you with intense relaxation. A highly skilled Massage Therapist can use acupressure trigger points to release tension, increase blood circulation and heighten the body's life force energy to aid healing. Acupuncture and acupressure use same healing pressure points however acupuncture employs needles whereas...

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