Be Relax Wellness Gift Guide

Here comes the Holiday season with family reunions, good food, and great gifts! Not the most relaxing season if you have to plan everything and make sure everybody is happy. To get you through it, we have prepared a list of gifts that will help you and your loved ones to be relaxed.

  1. Percussion Therapy

It is a wonderful gift for your brother who spends hours at the gyms. This small yet powerful percussion massager will help him recover faster. This year, he won’t be able to use the “my arms hurt” excuse to avoid washing the dishes after diner!

  1. Nail Care Set

A nice Nail Care Set is perfect for your young niece who enjoys playing with makeup. With all the tools within the set, nail polish is only an addition to her perfectly neat and healthy nails. Bonus point: next year she will be able to do your nails!

  1. Face Cleaner

For your sister who just became a mother and does not have time to go to the spa for her monthly facial. The Be Relax Face Cleaner helps remove make-up and dead skin cells clogged under the skin and will leave her with a glowing skin.

  1. Pure Touch

A travel pillow for your adventurous best friend who loves road trips and dreams of going to Paris with you. Pure Touch is exactly what they need: soft Tencel fabric, memory foam for great support, a heat patch, and a compact pillow size to relax on the go. All the reasons to go on a new trip together!

  1. Ultimate Back Therapy

Your dad is always complaining about back pain caused by heavy work? Our Be Relax Ultimate Back Therapy is the antidote: a cordless massager with a heating option covering the entire back area promises a highway in relaxation! To use at home, in the car, or on the plane.

  1. Foot Therapy

Foot Therapy is the most considerable gift your mother can receive after teaching and standing at school all day long. With a removable inflatable bottom part, she can have her feet massaged with gentle heat and her knees relaxed at a comfortable angle. This massager can also be used for back massage.

Now you can cross out the gift-shopping from your tasks list and accept the title of the most thoughtful family member of all time. Find these gifts that promise wellness and relaxation at our spas. Be Relax wishes you a happy and healthy Holiday season!

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