How to transform your airplane seat into a relaxing lounge chair?

If you are not lucky enough to always travel in business or if you have chronic back pain you know that airline seats are not the most comfy place in the world. At Be Relax our mission is to make your journey more pleasant. We design and develop travel accessories and massagers to convert your airplane seat into a relaxing lounger.

You feel tension in your shoulders?

Stress or wrong positions while sleeping can be the cause. Our Be Relax Knïdit Cordless Back Massager is designed to recreate our signature massage: Be Back. With its 4 rotating massage heads, it alleviates your neck tensions efficiently and restores your muscle vitality instantly! The Knïdit can also be used on the lumbar, back, legs or feet.

Your entire back is hurting?

Our Knïdit has a big brother! Enjoy a deep and full back massage during your flight with the Be Relax Ultimate Back Therapy Cordless Massager. Equipped with 8 forward & reverse rotating heads and heating functions, it relieves tight back muscles on the go.

Your buttocks need softness?

My Flexi Flight Cushion Iris Blue positionYou are seated for a few hours and feeling numbness in your buttocks? What they need is an extra dose of softness. The Be Relax My Flexi Flight Cushion is padded with pressure relief gel to reduce the discomfort feeling from airplane vibration. Thanks to the adjustable buttons, My Flexi Flight Cushion can be locked into different positions with 2 thickness levels and be used as lumbar support pillow or mini neck pillow.

Your feet are swollen?

You are dreaming of a foot massage? Your dream came true!  The Be Relax Foot Therapy Cordless Massager lifts up your feet & legs, gives you a gentle warm foot massage, thus eases feet fatigue & relieves leg tension. The icing on the cake: take off the removable foot cover and place it on your back to for a warm massage during your flight.

Find more details about our products here and stop by a Be Relax spa for advice on the best accessories for your needs.

And if you don’t already have one of our Be Relax travel accessories, read our article about tips you can do to stretch and relax during your flight without any device.

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